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Yuan Fang Presides over the Meeting on Guiding the Battle Against Difficulties in Traffic Construction

2018-08-16 00:00
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Being goal-oriented, problem-oriented and results-oriented, continuing to make greater effort to overcome the difficulties in traffic construction

(Mianyang News) (Reporter: Liu Xin) On August 9, the deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor of the city, Yuan Fang, presided over the 8th Meeting on Guiding the Battle Against Difficulties in Traffic Construction. He listened to the report on the progress of overcoming the difficulties in the traffic construction of Mianyang and reviewed relevant issues that concern the rerouting of the Provincial Highway 205 around the city.

It is pointed out at the meeting that since the beginning of 2018, Mianyang has conscientiously implemented the decisions and deployments of the municipal party committee and the municipal government. It has worked hard and made great efforts to promote the construction of expressways, trunk roads and rural roads. A large number of major transportation infrastructure projects such as Mianyang-Xichong Expressway, Jiuzhaigou-Mianyang Expressway and the Provincial Highway 418, have been under construction at a faster pace. They will lay the foundation for the future, benefit the people and be potential in the long run. From January to July, the investment in highway and waterway transportation construction has reached 7.929 billion yuan, accounting for 58% of the annual target (13.664 billion yuan).

The meeting emphasized that the interconnected transportation system is an important support for accelerating the construction of a three-dimensional and comprehensive opening-up pattern. It is of great significance for accelerating pooling the flow of people, logistics and capital, promoting the optimal allocation of resource elements, and comprehensively improving the advantage of Mianyang’s economic location. Departments of all counties should follow the requirements of “external connectivity and internal integration”, highlight goal orientation, problem orientation, and result orientation, and continuously push hard to promote the traffic construction and to accelerate making Mianyang a comprehensive transportation hub in the west. First, we must keep goals and tasks unchanged, complete projects and solve problems one by one, shorten the completion time for projects, work in accordance with schedules, and strive to form more investment volume and physical workload to ensure the successful completion of projects or over-fulfillment of annual target tasks. Second, we must work hard to solve specific problems, and do a good job in the preliminary work of projects, land expropriation and demolition, fund raising and material security. We must take effective measures to solve the problems and deficiencies in progressing projects and to accelerate completing projects as soon as possible. Third, we must hold counties and cities accountable, give full play to the role of departments, coordinate and closely cooperate, in a bid to form a strong synergy to promote the traffic construction. We must improve the assessment and supervision mechanism, strengthen supervision and follow-up monitoring, and ensure that responsibilities can be fully taken, tasks can be fully completed, and measures and results can be effective.

Before the meeting, Yuan Fang and his entourage went to the construction site of Laolongshan Tunnel of the Provincial 205 Line of Youxian District. They got a handle on the progress of the project and supervised relevant work on the spot.

Deputy mayor, Luo Meng, and secretary of the municipal government, Tan Gang, attended the meeting.

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