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Mianyang Continuously Pushes Forward the Overall Traffic Construction

2018-04-20 16:30
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We Invests 3.5 Billion Yuan on Traffic Construction in the First Quarter of This Year

Jiangjiawan hub interchange project of Mianyang-Xichong expressway is under construction

Mianyang News (reporter, Tian Mingxia; edited and photographed by Pu Tao) Since this year, our city has continued to carry out the battle for tackling key problems in transportation construction. In the first quarter, we have invested 3.513 billion yuan in highway and waterway construction, accounting for 26% of the target annual investment (13.664 billion yuan). This is 1 percentage ahead of the scheduled time, showing a good start of the traffic investment. Among them, investment on the highway, the arterial highway, and the rural highway is 1.265 billion yuan, 531 million yuan, and 1.271 billion yuan respectively. Investment on the highway maintenance and other special projects is 351 million yuan, and investment on the road transportation is 95 million yuan.

JiuMian (Jiuzhaigou-Mianyang) expressway is the most important highway in our city's traffic construction this year. At present, a toll station is building at LJ32 contract section of the JiuMian expressway in Taiping town of Jiangyou City, as well as two separate interchange bridges, from where we can drive to JiuMian expressway conveniently. More than 30 construction machines and nearly 100 construction workers do not rest on holidays, which makes the contract construction of LJ32 faster.

It is understood that at the end of November 2017, 24 civil construction units all gathered for the construction of JiuMian expressway. The construction of the garrison, the reinforcement and the workshops and the pavement were carried out. As one of the tough projects of JiuMian expressway construction, Baima tunnel, 26,013 meters long, has been completed 3,654 meters of the primary support, accounting for 14% of the total length, and 3,130 meters of the secondary lining, accounting for 13% of the total length. After the Spring Festival, the construction of Mianyang-Xichong expressway has been sped up, including the housing construction and safety projects. We have completed 99% of the sub-grade earthwork, 100% of the substructure of the bridge, 97% of the superstructure, 100% of the tunnel heading and the primary support, 97% of the secondary lining, 10% of the pavement engineering, 14% of safety engineering and 19% of the house construction.

The construction of the trunk highway has been accelerated. On the 205 line of Mianyang provincial road line construction, the second phase of the project is being paved, and the third phase of the old Longshan tunnel has been excavated for 200 meters, and the land expropriation and demolition are synchronized with the other sections; and the road construction for the fourth phase of the project (Jiangyou section) is carrying out.

The construction area of 416 Fucheng provincial highway of Mianyang to Zhongba (in Jiangyou) has been expanding. 70% of the total engineering volume has been completed. For the level-1418 provincial highway, from Huagai to Jushui, the bridge pile foundation is constructing. The overhaul of the provincial highway 205 and the provincial highway 302 in Jiangyou has been completed. For the overhaul project of the 105 Sangzao-Anchang line of the provincial highway, river bridge is being paved with asphalt pavement, and the construction of the water stable layer is being carried out on the 105 line from Anzhou-Mianzhu to the Heqing town. For the Mian Zi road of the national highway Line 108, the original road surface works are being processed. Besides, the Yellow River Bridge in Beichuan is a dangerous bridge renovation project in the main line of the main province. However, the construction of its cap beam has been completed, and the total engineering volume has been completed by 62%.

The construction of rural roads and livelihood projects in Mianyang city are speeding up, exceeding the scheduled time. Among them, there are 9 projects to be completed, including 4 under construction projects and 5 projects whose initial works is carrying out. The high-profile construction of building the side slope to the bridge, and the pavement works have been completed. The beam cap of the grand bridge is under-casting. The grand bridge has been completed 93% of the total project volume.

This year, the construction target of county road is 485 kilometers. Now 45 kilometers have been built and 81 kilometers are building. The construction target of village road is 976 kilometers, 488 kilometers have been completed, and 49 kilometers are under-construction. The goal of community road is 1,168 kilometers in the whole year, and 381 kilometers have been built. In terms of water transport construction, we are changing Sujiahe ferry into pedestrian bridge in Santai county, and the hardened bridge deck has been completed.

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