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Accelerate the Construction of Key Projects: Mianyang Traffic Construction Continues to Make Progress

2017-11-10 16:23
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The connection point of Yongming town, Santai county, connects the south ring road of Mianyang loop highway, Mianyang-Suining highway, Mian-Xichong highway respectively.

(Mianyang News) The traffic construction is an important way for steady growth and expansion of investment of Mianyang. The year 2017 is not only the "Project Year" for Mianyang and Sichuan province, but also the key year for the traffic construction of Mianyang. All the government officials in Mianyang make concerted efforts to form a powerful force to promote the work. Therefore, in the first three quarters of this year, the city's investment in transportation of highway and waterway reaches 9.408 billion yuan.

Since 2017, all the government officials in Mianyang have been focusing on the objectives and tasks of transportation construction, endeavoring in a pragmatic way to promote the construction of highway, main line and rural road, and implement the people's livelihood projects and poverty alleviation tasks. Therefore, the transportation construction project progress smoothly in general. The highway construction completed the investment of 3.985 billion yuan; the main line completed investment of 1.39 billion yuan; the rural road completed investment of 2.711 yuan; other projects completed investment of 281 million yuan; the highway maintenance completed investment of 440 million yuan; vehicle renewal and station construction completed investment of 233 million yuan; the waterway construction completed investment of 369 million yuan.

The inspect and control bidding of the civil construction of Jiuzhaigou-Mianyang highway construction was completed; the roadbed civil construction and the bidding of central laboratory were completed; as for the control project - Baima tunnel with a total length of 26,013 meters, 1,922 meters were excavated; 1,746 meters were undergone second lining. The Mianyang-Xichong highway completed 98% of subgrade earthwork, 88% of the bridge substructure and 60% of the bridge superstructure. 94% of tunneling and early support were completed and 85% of second lining were completed.

In terms of main lines, the Mianyang transit section of 108 national road, the project of changing Mianyang's loop route of 205 provincial road, Mianzhong road of 416 provincial road are under construction. The Anzhou-Suishui arterial road of 418 provincial road is under the preparation of construction. The section between Beichuan county and Yuli of the phase I project of 734 national road, part of the flood recovery project, was completed; 45% of phase II project was completed. As for the reconstruction project of road section between Zhongba town and Hanzeng town: the 5.5 kilometers from Huangjiang bridge to Guoda cement plant was completed; the 6.7 kilometers main project from Guoda plant to Rangshui bridge was completed. The large and medium repairing engineering of the national and provincial main roads continues to build the large and medium repairing engineering made in the 2016 provincial construction plan, among which two projects were completed and three are under construction. 38.8 kilometers of the section from Shuangfeng village, Wenxing township, to Zitong county of 302 provincial road are under heavy maintenance; the roadbed project was completed. 18 kilometers of the section from Yongan bridge, Beichuan county to Huangjiang bridge of 105 provincial road are under heavy maintenance; the cement stabilized base was completed. 5.5 kilometers from Majiaqiao villiage, Tongchuan town, Santai county to Yongxin town of 101 provincial road are under medium maintenance; the main project were completed.In the first batch of provincial large and medium repairing engineering in 2017, the main project of the section from Yuli to Maoxian county of 302 were completed. In addition, 32 kilometers of the section from Fuming to Santai county of 101 provincial road are under heavy maintenance; the construction of road surface and marking were completed. The rehabilitation project for unsafe bridges of the national and provincial arterial roads was basically completed.

678.87 kilometers of roadside barrier of rural roads were completed, with the completion rate of 96%. Two projects of changing the ferry places to bridges were completed. 85% of the Loufangping town project of changing cableway to bridge was completed. 335 kilometers of local road were built, exceeding the annual task. 987 kilometers of village road is set as the annual goal; 952 kilometers have been completed; 51 kilometers are under construction. With the total length of 1003 kilometers, the task of poverty alleviation has been fully completed. (Tian Mingxia/article, Putao/photo, all-media reporters from Mianyang Daily)

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