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Mianyang Contributes Four Experiences to the Second Batch of the 23 Comprehensive Innovation Reform Experiences

2019-01-23 09:47
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(Mianyang News) -- (Reporter: Guo Ruoxue) Recently, the General Office of the State Council issued The Notice on Promoting the Second Batch of Innovation-Related Reform Initiatives to promote the second batch of 23 comprehensive innovation reform experiences in China. 8 experiences of Sichuan were selected, ranking first among 8 trial areas. This time, 4 experiences of Mianyang were selected. The total number of Mianyang’s experiences selected as the two batches of experiences promoted nationwide ranked first in China.
It is reported that Mianyang contributed four experiences to the eight comprehensive-innovation-related experiences of Sichuan. The military-civil integration experiences were reported by Mianyang, whose number and quality both ranked first in Sichuan province. Mianyang’s second batch of the four experiences were to establish a technology re-development mechanism with equity-based market operation in the process of transforming military technology into civil use; the military-civil standard innovation mechanism with the core of jointly building research institutions and sharing military-civil standard information as well as inspection and testing resources; the professional financial institutions that serve the military-civil integration science and technology small and medium enterprises; the statistical index system of the military-civil integration industry.
Continuously carrying out comprehensive innovation reform is an important part of accelerating the development of China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City. In September 2017, among the 13 innovation-biased reform initiatives promoted by the General Office of the State Council, Mianyang contributed two experiences, namely: financing services that affiliated enterprises obtain the pledge in the form of accounts receivables from core leading enterprises in industrial chain; the integration and sharing of military-civil large-scale national defense scientific research instruments and equipment.
In April last year, Sichuan Provincial Government issued a document to promote the results of the second batch of the 21 comprehensive innovation reform experiences. Mianyang contributed 7 experiences and participated 5 experiences. The 7 experiences are: the market-based re-development mechanism for military-civil dual-use technology, the military-civil common standards, innovating new models of the military-civil integration financial services, establishing the confidential system for military-civil integration financial institutions, the statistical reporting system for military-civil integration enterprises, the life cycle cultivation identification and policy system for scientific and technological SMEs and a new mechanism for the classification and evaluation of talents in state-owned enterprises.
Since the 18th National Congress, Mianyang has seized opportunities to be included in the national system to promote the comprehensive innovation and reform experiments. It has tapped the opportunities of military science and technology resources, focused on scientific and technological innovation, and deepened reform and innovation. It has also grasped the essence of the experiences, summarized them and reproduced them. The innovation measures and reform experiences have been transformed into real-life productivity to promote the development of China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City and produce more innovation vitality in the very year of carrying out the comprehensive innovation and reform experiments. 

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