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The Investigation Team of the Ministry of Water Resources Investigates the Project of Getting Water from Wudu Reservoir

2019-01-23 09:47
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(Mianyang News) -- (Reporter: Li Lingyue) The research team of the Ministry of Water Resources visited Mianyang to investigate Wudu Reservoir and the construction of the Phase II Irrigation District Project.
The research team visited Wudu Reservoir and carefully viewed the water/rain condition automatic measurement report, gate control and industrial video system of Wudu Reservoir, listened to the report of the Wudu Reservoir Project in detail and inquired about the seepage and operation of the dam.
Wudu Reservoir has overcome various difficulties, such as the geological defects, the test of the Wenchuan Great Earthquake and the flood occurring on July 11, 2018. The research team fully affirmed the important functions of Wudu Reservoir. The research team pointed out that the Wudu Reservoir Project is the only controlled water source project along Fujiang and the water source project in the irrigation district. All relevant departments at all levels should continue to do well in reservoir operation management and flood control dispatching.
Subsequently, the research team went to Xizi Main Canal to investigate the construction of Hongren Aqueduct and Phoenix Reservoir. In the construction site of Hongren Aqueduct and Phoenix Reservoir, the research team inquired in detail about the progress of constructing the project and the difficulties in promoting the project. The research team stressed that under the premise of ensuring safety, all parties involved in the construction should ensure quality and quantity, do everything possible to speed up the progress of the project construction, give full play to the agricultural irrigation efficacy as soon as possible, so as to provide people in the irrigation district with water from Wudu Reservoir; they should also further optimize the design plan and provide supporting services for the on-going construction of the irrigation district in accordance with the national requirements for modernized water irrigation districts in rural areas. 

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