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Mianyang Vigorously Promotes the Rectification of the Major Environmental Concerns About Phosphogypsum in Anzhou District

Improving the comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum and consuming 290,500 tons of phosphogypsum

2019-01-10 10:03
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(Mianyang News) -- (Reporter: Su Donghua) The municipal party committee and government attach great importance to the rectification of phosphogypsum in Anzhou District. The municipal special working group for the remediation of phosphogypsum in Anzhou District and the Anzhou district committee and government are strictly implementing the work requirements made by the municipal party committee and government and effectively promoting relevant rectification work in accordance with the “1 plus 1 plus 4” work plan. On January 4, our reporters learned from the special working group that the “three prevention” measures (anti-seepage, wind-proof and flood control) of the phosphogypsum yard are steadily progressing. At present, a total of 290,500 tons of phosphogypsum has been consumed so as to ensure a qualified remediation.
It’s reported that, in terms of the comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum, the Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization has accelerated the consumption of phosphogypsum in Anzhou District based on the principle of “strictly controlling the addition of phosphogypsum, consuming the newly added phosphogypsum in the same year and consuming the remaining phosphogypsum pile by pile”.
Up to now, 290,500 tons of phosphogypsum has been consumed. Meanwhile, Jinhong Feed signed a formal contract for purchase and marketing of phosphogypsum with cement companies such as China United, Nvwa, Sixing, Hongshi and Lahao Shuangma at the end of last December to speed up the comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum.
Our reporters also learned that the phosphogypsum at the low-lying area of Shenlong Zhongke has been taken out and piled up normatively; 420 meters of parapet for phosphogypsum yard, leachate tube and hardened access road outside the parapet have been newly built respectively; a 32 cubic meters of rainwater collection tank at the lowest point on the north side of the plant boundary has been newly established; a 15 cubic meters of leachate collection tank at the low-lying area of the phosphogypsum yard has been newly built. Jinhong Feed has completed the rectification of the conveyor belt closure, phosphogypsum yard and parapet, and installed the leachate collection pipe; the top of the phosphogypsum plant has been tiled, the concrete casting of parapet at the south end has been finished, and the construction of parapet is in full swing.
At the same time, Lulin Chemical has newly set up 100 meters of leachate collection ditch at the feeding port and rainwater collection ditch in the yard respectively; a new 150 meters of site rainwater collection ditch and a 100 cubic meters of collection pool for initial rainwater have been built; a new observation well has been established 200 meters away from the lower part of the yard; the comprehensive utilization production line has been closed and the working surface of the yard has been reduced to no more than 30 meters. The rectification has been fully completed and ready for acceptance check. Chuanyin Chemical has cleaned the site and leveled and covered the debris, and is actively communicating with the professional organization of soil remediation and treatment to draw up and implement the soil remediation and treatment plan.
Mianyang has also seriously carried out the requirements of “inferring other things from one fact” and continued to conduct water quality monitoring along the Ganhezi valley to evaluate and analyze the trend of water quality changes. Up to now, the environmental protection department has dispatched 84 staff, investigated 42 relevant enterprise sites in total and registered and investigated 9. The illegal activities of Western Environmental Protection, Changnai Metallurgy, Fusenkunan and three phosphogypsum enterprises (Shenlong Zhongke, Lulin Chemical and Jinhong Feed) have been registered and will be fined respectively. 1294 samples have been collected and 1262 samples have been monitored in total at the monitoring points of surface water monitoring sections, leachate collection tanks, observation wells, circulating pools.
“We will continue to earnestly implement the circular of the central environmental protection inspector section, the spirit of instructions of the provincial party committee and government and the municipal party committee and government to ensure that the remediation of environmental problems of the phosphogypsum yard are qualified,” said a director from the municipal special working group for the remediation of phosphogypsum in Anzhou District. He also said that, next, they will intensify the comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum. Following the rectification plan formulated by the Provincial Academy of Environmental Sciences, they will urge enterprises to carry out scientific rectification, coordinate the water quality monitoring along the Ganhezi valley and provide data support for the rectification. They will also follow up and guide the disposal of problems in Anzhou District, resolutely eliminate hidden dangers of various ecological and environmental problems, and continuously improve the regional ecological civilization construction. 

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